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Belzebuth Rose

Belzebuth Rosée has a powerful natural raspberry aroma that intertwines with the wheat notes brought by white beer. The ensemble is raised by spicy notes of coriander and Curaçao. Belzebuth rosée is a fruity and refreshing beer thanks to its low level of alcohol.

Belzebuth Violette

The essence of violet flower in perfect alliance with our white beer.
Subtly tangy, it reveals all the power of the flower supported by the sweetness of the beer. It will evoke for many the sweets of yesteryear, a real moment of emotion!
A dress with a natural veil of a deep and luminous purple. An intoxicating nose of old-fashioned violet candies. Refreshing and gourmet, between emotion and discovery, the Belzebuth Violette, the balance between flower and beer!
Served between 4 ° and 6 ° C in a glass with thick edge, it will impregnate you with its bouquet!

Belzebuth Ginger

Our Belzebuth Ginger combines freshness, the sweetness of white beer, and the exoticism of lime zest and ginger. Everything is natural, we source lime peels and ginger root which we infuse in our white beer. Not very bitter, served between 4 and 6 ° C, a real nugget of freshness.



Belzebuth Triple

Beer in the golden dress, with notes of spices and citrus. Typical by the use of different grains: barley malt, wheat, rye and white oats. Little bitter, Belzébuth gives way to the expression of the grains and the fruity aromas brought by its yeast. She wants to be dry and long in the mouth.

Belzebuth Rouge

With a fiery red color crowned with a slightly pinkish head of foam, Belzébuth Rouge offers a fresh and very fruity bouquet to the nose. To taste, a real cocktail of flavor. Slightly tart the aromas of cranberry blend perfectly with citrus and fruit notes.