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Among Emmanuel Macron’s announcements in response to the yellow vest movement, there is the award of a tax exempt premium of up to €1000 for employees up to €3,500 per month. No constraint is made to business leaders, gives who wants.

André Pecqueur, CEO of Transport TSA and the Breweries of Saint-Omer and Goudale, heard the message. At the end of last week, he announced to his employees that he would pay €1000 to each of them. Do not tell him that he has answered the call of the President of the Republic. « I don’t do politics at all. I think about the employees, that’s all. I give with my heart. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the wage earners. For them it’s almost a month’s salary and what interests me is that it’s €1000 that go home, without the 30% tax. »