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Grain d’Orge Tradition copper

The Grain d’Orge is a top fermentation blond beer brewed from 3 rigorously selected malts. His yeast gives him an incomparable taste of smoked.

Grain d’Orge Blonde Cuvée 1898

The master brewer of the Grain d’Orge Brewery has developed this high fermentation blonde beer, grading 8.5 ° based on a recipe dating from the creation of the brewery in 1898.

Grain d’Orge – Brassin de Noël

Beer in the amber dress. His nose reveals subtle hints of citrus fruits that give him the hops, themselves raised by a more powerful note of malt whose flavours caramel will get you drunk.

In the mouth we find this caramel note accompanied by a sweet flavor that offers a beautiful balance and a very suitable roundness in this winter season.