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Belzebuth Triple

Beer in the golden dress, with notes of spices and citrus. Typical by the use of different grains: barley malt, wheat, rye and white oats. Little Bitter, the Belzebuth gives way to the expression of the grains and the fruity aromas brought its yeast. She wants to be dry and long in the mouth.

Belzebuth Rouge

With a glowing red robe crowned with a slightly pink moss collar, Belzebuth Rouge offers a fresh and very fruity bouquet to the nose. To taste, a real cocktail of flavor. Slightly tart the aromas of cranberry blend perfectly with citrus and fruit notes.

Belzebuth Rose

Belzebuth Rosehas a natural aroma of powerful raspberry that interweaves with the wheat notes brought by the white beer. The ensemble is raised by spicy notes of coriander and Curaçao. Belzebuth Rose is a fruity and refreshing beer thanks to its low level of alcohol.

Belzebuth Blanche

Beer in the pale yellow veiled robe, with a thick white moss. In the nose, we find fruity notes (Citrus) raised by a typical cereal note, the wheat. In the mouth, its aromas borrowed from orange peel and coriander give the Belzebuth blanche an absolutely unique taste.