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100 years of history ! 100 years of history !

History of the Brewery

The Goudale brewery, 100 years already.

1919 : Creation of the Great brewery of the children of Gayant. This brewery originally sold its beers at home within a radius of 2kms

1955 : Redemption of the Grande Brasserie of the Children of Gayant by Jean-Pierre Aubreby. She realized at the time 26 000HL, has 3 delivery trucks and employs 39 people.

1965 : The company, located in Douai, has 87 employees.

1982 : The company has 144 people. The brewery then turns to the specialty beers with the launch of the Demon beer.

1994 : Launch of the Goudale brand in 75cl bottle

2000 : Repurchase of the Jeanne D’Arc Brewery which will later be renamed as a Barley Grain brewery. The latter will launch brands such as La GEANTE, the seventy five, the Triple Secret Des Moines and the Belzebuth.

2010: Redemption of the brewery by André Pecqueur – merger of the Brewers of Gayant and the brewery Grain d’orge

2016 : The Brewers of Gayant move to Arques in a brand new modern factory, at the forefront of technology. It’s the birth of the Goudale brewery.

2017: The brewery employs 99 people. It produces 1 million hectolitres

2018 : Start of the expansion of the Goudale brewery. André Pecqueur reinvests 45 million euros in a new brewing room that will reach 1.5 million additional hectolitres.

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